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Chef – If you need chefs, you are probably well aware of how difficult it is to recruit them. There is simply a shortage of good chefs. Our chefs are well educated and experienced, particularly within the international cuisine, but our chefs have also expertise and experience from other cuisines. We can even offer you to meet our selected chefs in Kusadasi and see them working live in action. If you want them to be fully prepared to hit the ground running, we can train them on your menu in our restaurant before they leave for Sweden.

Serving Staff – We know how difficult it is to recruit serving staff with the quality and competence that is required, staff that immediately can identify the guests need and provide the anticipated service and quality during their visit to the restaurant. The staff we work with is always well educated and experienced. Besides that, they are from a culture and have the attitude where the customers experience is in focus and where working with service is important and something to be proud of; to put it simply – Professional Pride.

Entertainment – Do you need entertainment for your restaurant? We can help you with music entertainers, DJs and other entertainers for your restaurant or hotel

Bartenders – Our well trained, experienced and skilled bartenders are used to work under pressure and fast pace, just the way it should be during high season. Classic drinks or cocktails from the international scene impose no problems. Do you need extra bartenders or the whole bar manned? We have the staff and the solution.

Front Desk Staff – The front desk is often where the guests’ first impression is made. A cordial and efficient first meeting will set the mark for the whole stay. We have well educated and experienced staff that are used to work in different environments and systems that will man your front desk with professionalism.

All candidates in our network have been tested to have sufficient English proficiency to be able to perform their respective professional tasks.